Poznań Sleigh Rides

If you’ve come from a country where the ‘Fun Police’ and litigation have soured a lot of the good time activities you remember as a child, suspend your disbelief and enjoy a traditional Polish sleigh ride by heading off into the snowy woods at night with a bottle of spirits and flaming torches. Combining Sleepy Hollow creepiness with winter wonderland romance, extreme sports excitement and campfire camaraderie, a typical ride involves a large horse-drawn sled with sleigh bells jingling and flaming torches lighting the way through the beautiful snow-draped countryside, while people take turns clinging for dear life to a small sledge tied to the back. Most include a mid-journey forest bonfire with grilled sausages, tea or (in most cases) vodka. Great fun with the family or friends, the companies below offer such excursions for all ages from the season's first snowfall.

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