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Poznań Hotels, Hostels, Apartments

Visitors to Poznań will be pleasantly surprised to find that the city is home to some of the most impressive hotel properties in the country. Poznań’s role as Poland’s epicentre for conferences and fairs has clearly benefited those who like plush accommodations and modern conveniences like flat screen televisions and lightning-fast Wi-Fi to come standard. On the flip side, those major conferences can cause prices to shoot up when space is in demand (rates tend to double during the annual MTP, Polagra, Budma and Infosystem fairs).

Fortunately most hotels compensate by offering impressive weekend discounts to encourage travellers to stick around and explore the city. With the increasing irrelevance of official rack rates these days due to these special offers, online booking discounts and other price variations, we no longer find it particularly instructive to list room prices in our guide. Case in point, anyone who uses the Hotel Calculator function on the poznan.inyourpocket.com homepage will find a better rate than the official prices we once printed; as such, we encourage you to do just that and you can thank us later.

Accommodation is categorised here subjectively based on a combination of lodging type, location, price and amenities. In our print guide we only list those lodgings that we most recommend to tourists.


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