Czerwone Sombrero

Granted, it’s better than The Mexican, but then so is sifting through a hospital bin. Mexican food hasn’t exported well to Poland, and here’s more proof. The salsa is tame, the tortillas from a packet and the food buried under verdant fields of cabbage. It’s two star stuff frankly, though what makes it palatable is a cracking atmosphere that’s just perfect for tanking back the tequila. Also at (C-2) Stary Rynek 2.


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Czerwone Sombrero Comments

  • Feel like I need to give this place some love. I am vegetarian and like the 2 veggie options they have. My gf likes the Mexican food here and we have been many times. I took some friends and they liked the food here.But the best part of the place is probably the big tables outside which are perfect for chilling with a beer in the sun in a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Oh my .... where to start? Just awful food, really the worst "mexican" food i have ever had. This isn't mexican food, it's barely food for that matter. We had to send the chicken enchiladas back because my girlfriend was concerned that the meat was off. When we spoke to the waitress she asked if it tasted like tuna because they "get that a lot". At that point i decided it might not be safe to eat my beef and we took the bill. The waitress was nice and clearly felt bad about being a part of this truly terrible restaurant. So bad that it was funny, we laughed all the way to the toilet.
  • i got many coments about sombrero negro . i am mexican and i am in poznan . i really would like to teast this great menu . i miss mexican food


Open 12:00 - 23:00, Mon 12:00 -19:00, Sun 12:00 - 19:00.


ul. Piekary 17


(+48) 61 852 61 01


Credit Cards Wi-fi Takeaway Outside seating Child-friendly Non-smoking

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