Skaryszewski Park

Skaryszewski Park
Across the river, and one of Warsaw’s most notorious parks thanks to its popularity with people who do strange things in bushes at night. By day it’s altogether more pleasant with plenty of artificial hills, waterfalls, lakes and flowerbeds filling the 55 hectare site. Originally founded in 1905 it first went under the name of Paderewski Park up until 1945. Several points of interest including a monument commemorating allied pilots killed when their B24 bomber was shot down in 1944 while trying to supply insurgents fighting in the Warsaw Uprising. Only seven crew members survived and one of them, Henry Lloyd Lyne unveiled the memorial in 1988. Refreshments can be found in the Misianka café, a former public lavatory. Find it right next to Rondo Waszyngtona.

fot. Alina Zienowicz,

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