Šibenik In Your Pocket

If you happen to find yourselves in the Šibenik area this
summer, then you’re in for a treat. The city itself is a wonderful
maze of atmospheric alleys filled with ancient cottages,
topped off with Juraj Dalmatinac’s fabulous Cathedral, now
a UNESCO site. The surrounding area encompasses masses
of pristine islands, perfect for the escapists among you, and
the refreshing green splash of Krka National Park. The dry
rocky hinterland also hides its share of treasures. Festival
junkies will also come into theirs as it seems Šibenik has
hit festival fever. Musical festivals of all genres: jazz, classic,
chanson, pop, indie, rock… professionals dancing, kids
and adults alike enjoying themselves at the local’s favourite
International Children’s Festival. And for those of you who
are more into discovering those insider’s secrets, read the
tips of locals who’ve offered their advice and check out the
article about the traditional goodies and where to enjoy

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