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Beautiful Lake Bohinj

Beautiful Lake BohinjBohinj glorious tree,
The alpine valley of Bohinj is located in the stunning Triglav National Park, and its surroundings are truly unspoiled with the feeling of mass tourism is nowhere to be found. People here are the definition of amiable, attentive and courteous. This is where you come if you want to be treated as a guest, not as a client. Everyone here knows each other and there’s a genuine sense of camaraderie. You’ll see them recommending each others’ restaurants and hotels, instead of being overly competitive and trying to hoard all the tourists. Not once from all the places we've visited did we encounter bad service, or good service that didn’t seem genuine. Just don’t expect a lot of frills. Nightlife is practically non-existent and overly luxurious hotels are hard to find. Come here to ski at one of several resorts in the vicinity, with your family for an active holiday or with your partner to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Our Bohinj Highlights

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