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A little over 100 years old, Joburg (as it is known by locals) still retains its gold rush roots, attracting people from across Africa and the world to its streets. A wise local summed it up neatly: 'If cities had profiles on a dating website, Joburg would be the one with the really great personality. That’s opposed to Cape Town - the gorgeous blonde in the bikini.' The contrasts are everywhere: of shiny shopping malls and roadside craft; designer-label junkies and fast-talking car guards; old money and the flashy, minted-yesterday kind; hipsters and hustlers. One minute it’s all shiny elegance and, the next, rough grittiness. Joburg can give you the warmest smile or flip you the bird. The sunsets and summer thundershowers will take your breath away as quickly as the recklessness of its minibus taxi-drivers. From a twisty, segregated history has emerged an African cosmopolitan centre, a young city obsessed with the new, offering surprises for locals and out-of-towners alike. Johannesburg In Your Pocket is an insider’s guide to the city, and, like the place, we hope it will reveal some shiny gems. The print guide is published in February, May and September and is available at selected hotels and bookshops.

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