Getting around

Getting around

Car rental


Long-distance buses


Driving to Tartu is easy, but finding convenient parking in the city centre might not be, especially during working hours. Here's what you need to know: Parking in zone A is free for the first 15 minutes. You have to leave a note, or a so-called 'parking clock' (often provided with rental cars), on your dash to indicate the time you parked. In zone B parking is free for one and half hours. Again, mark your time. There are two free lots just east of the river, one next to Atlantis nightclub (Narva mnt. 2), the other on Raatuse, in front of the Raatuse department store. Other parking in the centre, either on the street or in small lots, costs €1 or 2 an hour. Buy a ticket from one of the vending machines you see on the street and leave it on your dash. Paid public parking is valid between 08:00 - 18:00. Weekends and public holidays are free. More info www.parkimine.ee.

Alternately you can opt for a private paid lot at Tartu Kaubamaja or the Tasku Centre. Both are reasonably priced and centrally located.

Public transport


Taxis typically charge a starting fee and begin racking up the kilometre charges immediately. Note that the second (short) telephone numbers listed here will work from all Estonian fixed and mobile lines, but if you're calling from a foreign mobile, you need to dial the regular seven-digit number.


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