Ukrains’ka Lasunka

Ukrains’ka Lasunka
With such a vibrant 19th century Ukrainian village atmosphere it’s easy to imagine what it must have been like to dine at Taras Shevchenko’s cottage, and the menu (in English) doesn’t miss a dish from babushka’s cookbook. It’s to your advantage to be a bit loud yet jovial as the wait staff is either very busy or busy being lethargic. This technique works in drawing attention in a good way. Not surprising for a city by the sea, they have an extensive seafood selection.


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Ukrains’ka Lasunka Comments

  • It's nice and sounds good. But I recommend site with a barbecue at the home delivery


Open 09:00 - 24:00.


Deribasivs’ka 17


(+380) 48 725 84 12
(+380) 48 731 54 27


Credit Cards Wi-fi Takeaway Live Music Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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