Zadar In Your Pocket

Summer has struck and the forecast indicates another sizzling season of fun and excitement in Zadar. Our crew has worked day and night to gather all of the latest in where to be and what to do. We have something for everyone! A comprehensive guide to the city’s architectural monuments will dazzle sightseers, not to mention our special on the ancient fortresses that were built in defending this gem of a city. Nature enthusiasts will be treated to some of the finest national parks and islands in Europe whilst those that seek an adrenalin rush, can fill their calendars with adventure sports throughout the entire summer. As you have chosen your stay along the Adriatic, we cannot leave without mentioning the gastronomic delights that await you. Our pages on cafés and restaurants are practical and provide some insightful tips in choosing where to nibble and dine. We wish you all a sensational summer

Zadar has a subtly different look to those of its Dalmatian neighbours. Although it is more ancient than Split, and just as rich in medieval heritage as Šibenik, central Zadar represents a far more complex meeting of old and new, with Roman-era fragments and Romanesque churches rubbing shoulders with blocks of flats, sleek cafés, and ultra-contemporary architectural installations such as the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun. 

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