Autumn in Zurich!

You’ll see faces smiling at you from billboards all over Zurich anytime. They’re recommending a new deodorant, a car or a holiday destination to you. Like in most cities, billboard advertising is not prohibited in Zurich (exception we know of: Sao Paolo). Actually Zurich is on the cutting edge of outdoor advertising – the 13 standard-size billboards at the main train station are electronic screens in HD quality. The revenues seem to be bubbling – or why else would the city be planning to install dozens of similar screens in public spaces? Resistance against these plans is stirring though.

The faces smiling from Zurich’s billboards in October though are likely to be selling something different – themselves. The national elections take place this autumn and with Switzerland’s proportional system, a good dozen parties are likely to enter the parliament in Bern.

Now, don’t let us worry you. There’s far more to see in Zurich than just billboards. The lake or Uetliberg mountain in their autumn colours for example are quite magnificent. And if the weather suggests indoor activities, go for one of Zurich’s many museums or the exuberance of Verdi or Puccini at the opera house. And we wish you lots of smiling faces – not just on billboards.

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