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Summer in Zurich!

Walking on water is not something most of us do a lot. But in Zurich you can, even if you’re not quite holy. The newly opened Cassiopeia pier meanders far out onto the lake, it’s part of the footpath along the shore (it starts near the cultural centre Rote Fabrik. The airy construction, the expanse of water beneath you and the unfamiliar views of mountains and the city make a stroll here a rather special experience – almost heavenly, you might say.

When the temperatures rise, the river and the lake are Zurich’s major assets. And as the water is clean, you can’t only walk on it, but also swim in it.

We lists a host of locations for a refreshing swim as well as a flock of open-air bars for that equally refreshing beer – or whatever you prefer. If you venture out into Zurich’s more residential areas you’ll find openair venues of a more improvised kind with their own gritty charm: snack bars or little cafés put out a few tables to make the most of the sunny season. A great way of searching them out and seeing another side of the city is on a bike – remember you can borrow bikes for free.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee weeks of sunny, joy-inducing summer weather. If it does happen to be raining, you’re sure to find something to your liking in Zurich’s many museums, boutiques or restaurants. But if you have a direct connection to the heavens, do put in a word for us.

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