Winter in Zurich!

The two men are charismatic, bursting with energy, elegant! They powerfully swear allegiance to each other. “No, let nothing part us!” And yet, before long, betrayal and revenge set in and one of them is sentenced to death. “No pity! No mercy!” sings the other in a magnificent bass. Ah, the opera!

While this drama – Bizet’s “Pêcheurs de perles” – is part of Zurich’s opera programme this season, local politics offer a similar story. The right-wing parties SVP and FDP claim to share values, but the elections for Zurich’s representative in the Swiss parliament’s small chamber (the Ständerat) have bred betrayal.

Any one of the right-wing candidates would certainly win the seat – but because neither is willing to withdraw, they will split the vote and their green party opponent might just beat them. Real drama! Even if not all involved are quite as elegant as the two heroes of the opera stage.

Speaking of elegance, Zurich has plenty to offer in that department. Whether international brands, local designers or resolutely high-end fashion, the city’s shopping has it all. So if you want something special for your visit to the opera, you can find it right here. And with Christmas markets, thermal baths and so many good restaurants, Zurich also has the places to wind down after all the drama.

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