Spring in Zurich - just like flying!

It’s just like flying! Board a train at Zurich’s main train station heading for Bern and make sure you don’t miss the spectacular first five minutes. You depart from the new underground platforms and break out into the daylight. Then, on Letzigraben bridge, completed just a few months ago, you rise up and cross the many tracks leading from the main station. Just for a moment you’re high up, with an unexpected view over the city, like you took to the sky. A rather poetic twobillion- franc rail traffic solution. Just like flying.

On a recent voting day at the end of February, some also felt like they were flying. A controversial initiative, put forward by the right-wing populist SVP, proposed to deport foreign nationals for even trivial offenses – even if they had been living in Switzerland for decades. After a series of rightwing initiatives finding favour with voters in recent years, it could have been a “yes” again, despite the opposition of government, parliament, virtually all law professors, the major newspapers and many more. But the initiative was rejected, in Zurich by two thirds of the voters. Just like flying!

With spring well on its way now, blossoms appearing and birds singing all over town, you might be feeling a pleasant lightness of being yourself. Whether you’re firmly on the ground or walking on air - let Zurich In Your Pocket your guide through the city of Zurich.

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