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Sex in Bucharest: Strip Clubs & Erotic Massage Parlours

Bucharest. Sex. Sex in Bucharest. Naked Romanian girls dancing on your lap or offering the most erotic of erotic massages. It is all on offer in Bucharest, which - while far from being Sex City - is a nevertheless a most welcoming place for lads on a stag night looking for naked Romanian girls in all sorts of clothes-off scenarios. It is indeed one of the reasons (along the cheap price of beer and cigarettes) that Bucharest has become one of the most popular stag night destinations in Europe.

However, common sense in any adult entertainment establishment in Bucharest (whether its a massage parlour, strip club or other such venue) is a must, else you may well end up getting ripped off instead of pulled off.

First and foremost, it is worth remembering that despite any and all appearances, prostitution remains completely illegal in Romania.

Bucharest may have more erotic night clubs (brothels), massage parlours and sex shops per square inch than most places in Eastern Europe, but that does not mean that all of these establishments are operating above board. Many are not. Be very careful, and follow these rules.

If you are looking for a bit of the other in Bucharest, you basically have three options.

The first option - an entirely legal one - is to enjoy an erotic massage at a reputable, fully-legal massage parlour. You will almost certainly not be offered any sexual encounters at these places (beyond what is known in the trade as a happy ending), but there is still much fun to be had, from simple hand assistance to a full body massage from one, two or even three nubile young ladies. Prices start at around €35, although they can climb far higher at the more central and luxurious establishments.

The second option is to simply head for a nightclub (nightclub in Romania almost always means adult entertainment establishment).
These places vary in quality and some venues which advertise themselves as legitimate nightclubs are often little more than a cover for brothels. Allegedly.

Beware also of clip joints, where you will be served expensive drinks, before being joined by some very bored and not always attractive young ladies. These girls will sometimes lap dance for you, and will always try to convince you to buy them expensive ‘cocktails’ (in fact, this cocktail will invariably be orange juice with an umbrella, costing a small fortune). Be extra cautious about entering any of the night/strip clubs which have recently begun to pop up in the Old Town area.

The third option - an option which is entirely illegal - is to call one of the escorts who advertise their services in many of the poor quality city guides found around town.
These escorts are usually prostitutes who charge hundreds of euros for sex. Scams of all kinds are commonplace, and you should really think twice before calling them. And then think twice again.

We are led to believe that the places we list are upstanding businesses which offer high standards and total discretion. All offer full erotic massage, and will even collect you from your hotel. We still recommend employing common sense however, and Bucharest In Your Pocket cannot be held responsible for anything which may or may not go on at the establishments we list.

We also recommend any stag parties to phone ahead and check that any venue they plan on heading to can fit them in. Some of the massage parlours are quite small, and might not be able to accommodate 15 lads in identical t-shirts turning up half-drunk at three o'clock in the morning.

Erotic Massage Parlours

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