The newest club on the gay scene here and perhaps the way of things to come as it’s for gays and lesbians. Shiny glass bar, cushy sofas and dark rooms.

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Termix Comments

  • Termix used to be one of my favorite gay clubs in Prague about 2 years ago, however it has recently gone way down hill. They now seem to now have two rival gypsy 'clans' squatting in the bar, who regularly clash with each other and compete to steal freshly poured drinks out of customers hands and demand free cigarettes from them afterwords. The drinks are alright and cheap, the music is a bit tacky - but good fun, unfortunately though patron's personal safety is of no great concern to the management.


Open 21:00-05:00.


Praha 2, Třebízského 4a


(+420) 222 71 04 62



Metro station:

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