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24-hour pharmacies

Beauty & Spas

All your spa needs - just peruse and use the drop-down menu just there on the left.

Beauty salons


For all your business needs peruse and use the drop-down menu just there on the left.


Architects & Interior design


Opening a bank account in the Czech Republic is relatively easy, though it does depend on the bank. ČSOB, KB and Česká spořitelna offer English speaking help desks in their branches in central Prague.

Chambers of commerce

Computer services

Language schools

Learn to speak another language and even to teach another language.


Real estate

Finding a small space to call your own can be tricky. Demand is high and supply is low - economists we may not be, but the effects of this seem fairly evident, even to us. Alternatively, if you're looking for office space you're definitely in a buyer's market. The Czech language classified paper Annonce publishes an accommodations issue every week. Many of the expat establishments such as laundrettes, as well as cafés and bars have notice boards where you can find private ads. Here are the main real estate agents. A complete list of agents can be found on line at



Hopefully it'll just be a gas, gas, gas...





Relax. These hands have got you covered.


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Foreign press

Medical centres

The Czech medical system is partially government-run and partially private, and there are a number of Western trained doctors now operating in Prague. 

Here is the list of some private clinics and hospitals, that offer help to foreigners who need assistance in English or other languages. Some the medical centres also have 24-hour phone numbers, that you can call if you should require immediate help.


All your official needs - peruse and use the drop-down menu just there on the left.

Government offices

Foreign representations


Contact lenses (in Czech čočky, literally translated as lentils). The following can help with your lentils or the the more old-fashioned spectacles.


Pharmacies, a.k.a. lékárna, are all over the place - here are just a few.


All your sporty needs - peruse and use the drop-down menu just there on the left.



There are lanes all over the city, but be warned if you are a purits that some of the smaller ones are not at all plush, and pins are often attached with string.

Extreme sports

Fun and games, until somone gets hurt...

Fitness centres


All the following Prague teams now play in the Czech Republic's premiere league, the Gambrinus liga.


The big game with the little balls is becoming as popular here as anywhere else. Find out more about all the best Czech golf courses at our partner golf webserver Featuring detailed information, interesting places, itineraries, Czech golf news, golf tournaments and much more...



Prices will vary, but expect to pay around 200Kč a court. Cheapskates should play during the early hours of the weekday. Fat cats can afford to squash their opponents on weekends and evenings.

Swimming pools

Indoor and outdoor.


All the following have indoor and outdoor courts. The outdoor courts are not supposed to open officially until May 1, but if the weather is good they sometimes open earlier. Prices vary but expect to pay around 350Kč an hour for a court.


Obviously check the hygiene situation as well as the artsistic ability of your chosen tattooist.

Useful addresses

And all the rest you can find here - just peruse and use the drop-down menu just there on the left.


These listings are for your information only. You should check the background and references of anyone you are thinking of leaving your children with.

Cultural institutes

For a little cultural insight...

Currency exchange

Do not believe the zero per cent commission they advertise. Shop around before changing money, and remember the best exchange rate is from an ATM (bankomat).

Emergency numbers

Expat contacts

A weird mix...


Laundry & Dry cleaning




For all things great and small.

Where to find us


Marriott entrance stand
Euroagentur (arrival hall)
VIP Airport lounge

Pubs and Clubs

Caffreys – Staroměstské nám.
Casino Ambassador – Václavské nám.
Dubliner – Týn
Goldfingers – Václavské nám.
Hard Rock Cafe – Malé nám.
JJ Murphys - Tržiště - Malá Strana
TGI Fridays – Na Příkopech


Hotel Ambassador – Václavské nám.
Hotel Belvedere – Milady Horákové, Praha 7
Marriott Apartments - V tůních , Praha 2
Hotel Paříž - Náměstí Republiky
Hotel Four Season - Veleslavínova


In front of the Ambassador hotel 
Jungmannovo nám
In front of Blaník - Václavské nám. 56
Můstek – Špalíček
Neoluxor bookstore – Václavské nám. 41
Czech tourism office – Staroměstské nám.
Václavské nám. 57
Václavské nám. 50
Celetná/Ovocný trh

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