Goldfingers is one of the best Prague's gentlemens club in the centre of Prague, next door to Hotel Ambassador on Wenceslas Square. If you are visiting Prague on vacation, for business, a bachelor /hen party or simply want to go for a drink, Goldfingers is the perfect place for you.
Stunning girls perform on the main stage individually, or as groups to continually entertain all night long. Besides the possibility to pay all credit cards, ATM at the club. Free entry.

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  • Best treat ever, no forcing good value
  • Dude's, as an American I'm proud to say I went to Goldfingers, it did make an impresion, some of the best tits I've ever seen, I even mentioned it in my story, you can read it here Prague is awesome!
  • Best gentlemen's club in Prague, by far!
  • I'm coming to this club every 3 months when I'm in Prague. It is absolutely the best strip club in Prague! And I have been to every club like this in Prague, so I know what I'm saying:-) They have absolutely the best show on the stage I have ever seen, because I travel a lot. The show is amazing, the girls are absolutely gorgeous. Yesterday I was there and spent very nice time with Viky. Amazing girl! I will come back for sure!!!!
  • I loved it! I would like to recommend this place, it's a great place for fun with friends, yes the prices are a little bit more high, yes, but admission is free to this club and you enjoy girls free all night. So what? We gave them a lot of money on the stage and the girls were happy. We had a few dances and a few drinks, just amazing night in Prague...
  • it was ok... not expensive to get in but once in only beer is a good price. Dances are like $75 a piece and yeah nothing you don't get for $20 in the US. Girls are nice and there is no hard sell, but if they were say $20 they would be printing money. Instead no ladies are doing dances and since you can't tip the ladies a dollar since the stupid coins they don't even get the knowledge of knowing they did a good job when it is their turn on the stage. I think the owners need to check out clubs in the US and do some research cause they are leaving a lot of money in the pockets of the customers. Don't recommend unless you just want to see some tits and leave.
  • I love this club!!!
  • This club was a disappointment. Average girls,and not a stylish setting.
  • My wife and I spent a great evening at Goldfingers Prag in Novembre 2012. Drinks are not "expensive" : One bottle of vintage white wine for 80 EUR (2000 Krone). Service was good. Great girls and great show ! We loved it !! Go there even with your wife/girlfriend ! Cheers ! Philippe / Paris
  • Spectacular. The girls are real czech beauties and i know what i'm saying after seeing so many russian ukrainian dancers.
  • Expensive drinks beatiful girls and no sex just like the adult clubs from USA. I not recommend to a person who want real fun (SEX).
  • Very convenient to the center on Wenceslas. Cost like $25 entry coke costs $8 private dances $60. DJ plays really good choices and for me that was almost worth it. Girls do 2 numbers removing top for the 2nd and take off their bottoms the last few bars of the song and though the lighting is very good you know how females are built so what they are saying is if you really want a view of snatch you are going to have to pay for private dance. I was there early on a Sunday night and it took about 80 minutes before same girls were up so must have been 12-15 dancers rotating. Where do they find these gals? Almost all were 10s maybe 1 a 7 and I'm a discerning grader. Several must have been models (had 'that' walk) and others must have professional dance training. In short gorgeous. And pleasant. Most came up and asked in English if I would like a private dance (I didn't...I don't get the appeal of being teased and suffering blue balls) and were very pleasant not the least pushy.
  • Very similar to a high class US strip club, expensive, pretty girls, silicon tits and no sex.
  • The most beautyful girls in Prague. If you behave, they treat you nice.I had the best private dances ever.
  • Best mens club around !!!
  • Awesome.


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun 21:00-05:00, Fri, Sat 21:00-06:00.


Hotel Ambassador, Václavské nám. 5, Praha 1


(+420) 608 663 066
skype:Skype Me™!


Metro station:


Credit Cards City centre location Live Music Smoking place Air-conditioning

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