Adult entertainment

Prague is as famous for its sex clubs as it is for its beer. Stag nights take advantage of the price and availability of both, and on the whole these clubs are well organised and clean. Safe sex is practiced, and bouncers and/or managers will explain the rules and methods of each place on arrival. It is cheaper to partake over here, but that does not mean you won’t pay for the privilege of watching a live sex or lesbian show. Generally, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee (around 300Kč) to sit at the bar; this fee is waived if you are there to pay for other services immediately. Many of the central clubs pay men and women to entice you off the street and into their nearby establishments, but if you’re heading somewhere by taxi, make sure you’re taken to the one you want to go to rather than the one the taxi driver gets commission from. Check prices of services and drinks, and enjoy!

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