Sweet Paradise

Sweet Paradise
Boasting 12-20 (of 50) girls available per night, this is a more local affair offering beer and girls, the most famous of Czech commodities. All sorts available from shows at the tiki bar, basic theme rooms and ‘special’ services . Print the discount voucher from the website. Foreign currency accepted.

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Sweet Paradise Comments

  • I visited the venue on Sleska 75 and it was fantastic.Friendly place with nice girls. If I visit Prague again I will definitely go back.
  • Do they accept female customers or only male?
  • Great place,, love the girls,,
  • Fantastic place. I can only recommend it. I was very satisfied with my friends. Nice girls, clean place, great selection of rooms with different themes. Satisfactory prices. While away from the city center, but worth it to go here. Overnight more girls to choose from, we were all very satisfied. Crossing between the two clubs for free. interesting. I'm sure we will come again.
  • I went to this club and had a pretty average expereince considering it was my first time at a club like this. The girl I chose didnt speak good English which is fine I dont expect it but her attitude really stank she spent more time talking and asking me to go on top than she did actually what she is paid to do make a half-hearted attempt to please me. The other girls in there didnt look anything special at all and the whole atmosphere was just pretty poor overall to be honest. I wont be going back there again.
  • Forget about this place. I was there at around 11 pm on 26th July and I must say that during the presentation défilée all of the girls were showing anything but enthusiasm to please and motivate my friend and myself to spend some cash on them. We felt like unwelcome intruders and decided to leave this odd place on the spot.Needless to point out that out of 7 presented only 2 were hald way to be considered as pretty.
  • Nice and friendly staff. Get value for money. After 8PM its about 2400Czk for Classic and extra 500 for OWO if u can negotiate. Definitely recommended although it is slightly away from the main tourist area and you will have to get off at Flora (Line A) and then take tram 11 and change to Tram 10/16. Recommended. Avoid the offers of Czk100 for entry + 5 free beers as once you enter, the person at the bar says that they dont know what u r on about and says that they take no responsibility for what the pimps say in the street.
  • very nice place. I am going there again. Very friendly staff and not too expencive. Like the other clubs in prague the best time to arrive i after 20-21 to have a better choice, but the price i much higher in the afternoon. A little far from the center of Prague, but very close to a big shoppingcenter. I can only recommend this club.


Open 12:00-05:00.


Praha 3, Chelčického 5


(+420) 737 66 82 33
(+420) 222 21 28 97



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