Hlučná samota

Hlučná samota
Exposed brick walls and dark wood embrace all comers, and the efficient, friendly and patient staff only add to the ambience. The food though is the real reason to be here - quality fish and meat, crisp vegetables, and a few more side order options than usual plus real French fries. Make sure though a 15% gratuity isn't automatically added to your bill. The staff are good enough to earn it anyway. 

(80 - 250Kč)

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Hlučná samota Comments

  • Dieses Resataurant teste ich bei jedem Prag-Besuch und jedes Mal versucht der Kellner ausländische Touristen zu betrügen. So wird auf jede rechnung einfach eine Serviceposition aufgeführt. Unsere Rechnung betrug 500,- Kronen und zusätzlich wurden 75,- Kronen (als Trinkgeld) eigenmächtig zugefügt. Das ist Betrug!
  • Used to visit this place, but I do not recommend to go there lately. The service is not good, food quality is getting worse and the place is full of smokers. Also the last two visits my bill didn’t match the consumption, last time overcharging me by 30%. It’s a shame, since this used to be a good place to visit.


Open 11:00-23:00, Sat, Sun 12:00-23:00.


Praha 2, Záhřebská 14


(+420) 222 52 28 39



Metro station:

Nám. Míru

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