Shelanu Cafe & Deli

Shelanu Cafe & Deli
Our Jewish guru says no rye bread, no salt beef, no corned beef, not stacked and therefore not kosher… a slim baguette with slices of beef/salami, a New York deli sandwich does not make. And at 200Kč you want that sandwich stacked full of kosher goodness. Shabbat dinners can also be reserved plus a daily dinner from 18:30, we can only hope dinners are more authentic than the café. Let us know if you experience anything different.

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Shelanu Cafe & Deli Comments

  • We visitied the SHELANU restaurant during february of 2010 and enjoyed it very much. we ate there several times (better prices and larger portions than all other Kosher restaurants). The food was fresh and tasty and friendly staff. Certainly recommended!!!


Open 09:00-22:00, Fri 09:00-15:00. Closed Sat.


Praha 1, Břehová 8


(+420)728 18 68 32


Metro station:

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