Lapis Diamond

Lapis Diamond
Huge store a little out of town offering gold, silver, Bohemian garnet, crystal and porcelain plus of course diamonds. For free transport to check it out, call 777 79 58 95/608 56 67 61.

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  • I’m keen to sell my out fashioned diamond ring, and most probably in the coming ‘Thanksgiving’ eve want to buy a new diamond ring through them, I suggest all the fashionable people to Sell your Jewelry and get a new design.
  • they are overpriced, but if you bargain with them long enough you can actually get a good deal. For this you have to be good in bargaining :)
  • big store, but unfortunately totaly overpriced. here silver costs as much as gold elswhere. they moastly deal with tourists, thats why mark-ups are very high. you get no price benefits eventhough they present themselves as a factory shop. spending some time looking around smaller shops will get you a better


Open 09:00-18:00.


Praha 5, Jeremiášova 1110/21


(+420) 235 00 27 11
fax:(+420) 235 00 27 28


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