National Memorial [Národní památník]

One of the largest equestrian statues in the world dominates the hill overlooking the north eastern district of Žižkov. The 16.5 ton statue commemorates the Hussite hero, Jan Žižka. Behind the statue is the national mausoleum, built originally as a memorial to World War I Czechoslovak legions, and then taken over as the resting place for the great and the not very good Communists. The first working class president, Klement Gottwald, was pickled in slivovice and put on display here. Unfortunately the preservation was not wholly successful and the body started to putrefy from the feet up, shocking the odd visiting school party as their national hero literally started to fall apart before their very eyes. His body was returned to his family in 1990 and later buried in the cemetery in Olšanské.

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