Apartheid Museum

What to see in Johannesburg

The city has many historical places of interest, and there are a number of excellent museums and art galleries, with local contemporary art increasingly attracting global interest. For those interested the history of mining, the struggle against apartheid or the origins of humankind, Joburg offers some outstanding museums and sites. With a distinctly multi-cultural population this city has some exciting ethnic neighbourhoods to explore too such as FordsburgLittle Addis and Chinatownwhilst many parts of the inner-city such as Maboneng and Braamfontein are undergoing exciting regeneration projects and are swiftly becoming some of South Africa's most happening neighbourhoods. 

To explore the inner city take a walking tour. From history to cuisine, traditional beliefs and street art, local guides can let you in on Joburg's otherwise best-kept secrets and help you to quickly find a confidence and passion for this fast-paced African city. 

Johannesburg is also home to South Africa's largest township Soweto. A pillar of anti-apartheid resistance and one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa, nowadays Soweto offers a breadth of experiences from bungee-jumping to bird-watchingquad-biking tours and fashionable weekend markets. Meanwhile, just 5km from Sandton the country's oldest township, Alexandra, is also waking up to its potential as a tourist attraction and there are many great tour guides who can show you a fascinating side to this lesser-known township.

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