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The Culture Capital of Europe

Autumn kicked off with a bang in Riga as parliamentary elections took place on October 4, but the circus surrounding this event has ended now and won't affect your trip. Thankfully, Riga is still the Culture Capital of Europe until the end of the year, so there are still loads of things to do here. Take in one of dozens of special exhibitions by local and international artists at Riga’s museums and galleries or do as the Latvians do and attend a Dynamo Riga ice hockey game at Arena Riga, which is part gladiatorial spectacle and part fraternity beer bash. After you’ve seen Old Riga’s medieval structures and the city centre’s art nouveau edifices, we urge you to visit the quiet neighbourhood of Grīziņkalns for outstanding 19th-century wooden architecture. The winter chill is upon us, but you can avoid the darkness with Riga In Your Pocket.

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