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Summer in the Culture Capital of Europe

If you’re reading this guide in Riga, we hope you’re relaxing at an outdoor terrace with a cold drink or perhaps at a nearby beach sunning yourself by the sea. We also hope that you reserved a room before you arrived as Riga is hosting the World Choir Games this July. This means that roughly 20,000 singers from across the globe will descend on Europe’s Culture Capital to participate in the planet’s largest choir event. But even if you’re not here for this monumental undertaking, Riga will be positively bursting with concerts, sporting events, art exhibitions and other cultural events this summer. If, however, you’re only here for a couple of days then check out our Riga in 48 hours feature to experience the best sights, sounds and tastes of the city. You can also find the perfect beach on or take a tram or bicycle ride to Riga’s summer playground – Mežaparks. If you’d like to travel even farther afield, then take a look at our guide to Liepāja, a place where Latvia’s hipsters like to holiday. Enjoy the summer with Riga In Your Pocket!

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