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Vilnius In Your Pocket

Vilnius In Your Pocket
Vilnius never feels more alive than in summer, a season which in the Lithuanian capital heralds Terrace Time. Oh yes: as soon as the weather is good enough terraces sprout up all over the city centre, often invading streets and pavements with abandon. Nobody seems to mind of course: locals just love eating and drinking al fresco and many bars and cafes will provide outdoor heaters and blankets to ensure that customers keep warm as the night wears on and things start to get a little chilly (which they can, even in the warmest months).
Indeed, now we come to think of it, Vilnius simply lives outdoors at this time of year. Take a look at our Culture pages to see how many of the events which will be held in and around the city in the coming months take place on the streets or in the city’s parks. When you live in a city in which winter is long and dark, you want to make the most of the lighter, brighter months: Vilnius throws itself into that endeavour with more gusto than any other city we have ever visited. Join in, have fun and embrace your inner Lithuanian. You’ll love Vilnius.
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