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There is no getting away from the fact that winter in Vilnius can be cold. Bitterly so. That does not for one minute however also mean that winter in Vilnius is bleak. Far from it, in fact. Indeed, having first arrived in Vilnius many, many years ago in what was the middle of a particularly cold winter, we have to admit to having something of a soft spot for the city when it’s covered in snow. The already picture-postcard perfect Old Town in particular never looks better than when given a crisp, white frame, with the crunch of snow underfoot providing the soundtrack for all sorts of winter escapades. And be honest: there is plenty to do in Vilnius at this time of year. The cellar restaurants, bars and pubs of the Old Town provide warm relief from the chill outside, and many locals insist that the shorter the days, the longer the parties at night.

Of course, the biggest event of the winter in Lithuania this year is the country waving goodbye to the litas, and adopting the euro. The big switch takes place on January 1st, with both currencies in dual circulation for two weeks afterwards. If you are still holding litas after that: don’t panic. You can change then inside a bank until the end of June.

Whatever currency you are spending in Vilnius this winter, enjoy the city

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