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Vilnius In Your Pocket

Vilnius In Your Pocket
Does Vilnius ever look better than when covered in snow, the streets and houses of the Old Town given a crisp white frame? We don’t think so. We long ago made up our minds about winter in Vilnius: yes it’s long, and cold, but it’s also rather glorious, and it’s our favourite time of year to be in the city. Anyone visiting Vilnius right now has therefore chosen the time of their trip very well indeed. Visitors will not be short of things to do. Throughout much of the winter Vilnius stages a number of events, from the lovely Christmas market in December to the Vilnius International Film Festival in March. Eccentrics might like to take part in the traditional Christmas Race: grab yourself a Santa Claus costume and run around the Old Town. After all, locals have been doing it since 1975.

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