Sue's Indian Raja

Sue's Indian Raja
The best restaurant in Vilnius continues to impress with a fabulously pungent menu of dishes, all made from hand-picked and hand-mixed spices by a crack team of Indian chefs overseen by the uniquely charming Wing Commander Rajinder Chaudhary. Our last outing saw us putting away a mild pork korma and a consistently outstanding and nicely spicy butter chicken after demolishing way too many onion bhajis for our own good. The service remains excellent, the location is unbeatable and the bill at the end of it may be a little shocking for local prices but if you compare it to what you'd be expected to pay for an average Indian on any British high street then it simply doesn't compare. Magic, and thoroughly recommended. 


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Sue's Indian Raja Comments

  • We visited this restaurant with high hopes in February 2013 after reading rave reviews-and we were bitterly disappointed. The waiting staff whilst pleasant were totally unaware of what was going on around them and oblivious of any customers needs-most diners were kept waiting and had to top up their own wine. We were left with menus-no offer of a drink whilst choosing our dishes- for at least 40 minutes -the restaurant was not busy and we were 2 of approximately 12 other diners. Two men lurked behind the bar chatting to each other unaware or unconcerned what was happening to their customers, and spent the whole evening looking at CD's, and only came out from behind the bar once to 'walk' the restaurant and to ask the two gentlemen diners who were of similar ethnicity if their meal was good. When the food came, it was fairly tasty but very small portions, did not taste of authentic Indian cuisine, and their 'chef's special' was no more than highly spiced minced lamb. We are very surprised that this restaurant has received such excellent reviews-we must have visited them on an 'off' day or expectations in Vilnius are low. We have visited Vilnius many times and have always been very pleased with the different dishes on offer at various restaurants as well as excellent service. Whatever the reason for these rave reviews at this Indian restaurant,never again for us thanks.
  • We ventured here during our stay in Vilnius and liked the restaurant so much we came back a second time. The food was delicious and the service excellent both times.
  • This was the best meal I've had in a long time. I'm not an authority on Indian cuisine, but I don't think you can find better Indian food outside of India or in places that are heavily populated by Indians. For Eastern Europe, and based on my experiences in America, Sue's Indian Raja is SUPERB. The service was great (a rarity here), and the owner came up to me to wish me, "Good appetite." I didn't give it a 10, as there were a couple things that could use improvement. For one, there was no "brown ale" as advertised on the menu (this is one of my biggest qualms with restaurants in Eastern Europe). Also, I thought the dishes (given that they are a little on the expensive side) should include basmati rice or naan (even a small portion would help, as I didn't want/need an entire large portion). Overall, though, I was extremely impressed with everything, and the $30 I spent on an appetizer, two beers, main course, and dessert, was totally worth it. Truly a jewel in the heart of Eastern Europe, I hope to return to Sue's Indian Raja whenever I'm in Vilnius.
  • I simply could not believe that an Indian restaurant this good exists in Vilnius. The lamb vindaloo I ate was sensational: both the sauce and the lamb itself. The onion bhajis make the mouth water just remembering them. If you eat in one ethnic restaurant in Vilnius, make it this place.
  • For me this is the greatest restaurant in Vilnius! The toilets are clean (and they have more than one), the staff is friendly (a real highlight in Lithuania) and the meals are absolutely fantastic!
  • The chef must be away on vacation. We visited this place in June and the food was awesome - everything you can imagine about a perfect Indian meal. Today (August 6) it was a shadow of itself - literally. Everything looked right but did not taste so - starting from the dry and flaking nan, to dry hard rice, to tasteless spinach and flavorless tandoori chicken. We were really disappointed.
  • As habitual Indian food eaters (we're Brits after all) we were delighted with the food and enjoyed sitting outside in the evening sunshine being chatted to by Wing Commander Chaudhary.
  • Well there was either bad experience to both of us (Ricardas and Ieva). We simply made a pre-book of the table for St. Valentine's day. As we arrived on 7 in the evening (as it was booked by phone) it turned out that the manager of the restaurant decided to earn some extra before we arrive and therefore all the tables, including ours, were already busy. Do anyone know what means in Vilnius to find another place on St. Valentines evening with a free table??? was very unexpected and totally the restaurant was busy that time, none of staff offered the alternative, and was no chance to wait for available table because the place was crowded with people and we were already starving. After that incident, although this restaurant, as far as I know, is the only indian cousine in Vilnius, we will never ever visit this place again. I do adore indian food very much and every time on my business trips to London I prefer visiting some cosy indian restaurant to eat out. However, this experience was terrible, considering St. Valentines...
  • The food was excellent - - a welcome change from heavy Lithuanian cooking. The restaurant owner or manager came through both times I was there and chatted with diners to see how their evening was going, something I have never seen elsewhere in Vilnius. One evening I spilled my tea all over the tablecloth, but the waitress was very gracious about changing the cloth and cleaning up all the spilled tea. Also, it's a restaurant where a woman can feel comfortable eating by herself. No funny stares from either the staff or other diners.
  • The food is good but not great, the furniture is a bit tacky. A place to impress Lithuanian girls..
  • I agree the food was good, and very moderately spicy...not like in Britain which is even more spicy(perhaps it's more authentic). The price was Ok....medium high....but not to exaggerated levels I have seen in other restaurants (e.g. Da Antonio).
  • Well I took my girlfriend from Lithuania to this restaurant and we were not dissapointed. The food was fantastic and reasonably priced. We were warmly welcomed and I was very impressed with the knowledge of the cuisine from the Russian waiter. I was even more impressed with the owner when he lent me his glasses so I could read the menu (having left mine in the hotel room). This restaurant is worth a visit and I would rate it 9 out of 10.


Open 11:00 - 24:00, Mon 12:00 - 24:00.


Odminių 3


(+370) 5 266 18 88


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