St. Nicolas' Church [Šv. Nikolajaus Cerkvė]

St. Nicolas' Church

The forerunner to this church supposedly dates back to the second decade of the 16th century, belonging from 1609 until 1827 to the Uniate Church. At some time during the 18th century the original church burnt down and was replaced soon after in the Late Baroque style. At the height of the tensions between the Russians and several other ethnic communities in the city, the church was confiscated on the orders of General Muravyov and converted into a Russian Orthodox church with several Neo-Byzantine additions made in 1865. With its predominantly Catholic tower and typically Orthodox dome the church is one of the most peculiar looking houses of worship in the capital.

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Services Sat 09:00, 17:00, Sun 09:00.


Didžioji 12


(+370) 5 261 85 59

City centre location

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