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Creepy Poland

You have not come to Poland to visit a pyramid, but that’s exactly what you can do if your journey takes you up north. Near the town of Rapa, 120km north of the Mazurian city Olsztyn, you’ll find a pyramid dating from 1795. Set in the middle of the Romnicka forest the eerie tomb is modelled on the Gaius Cestius pyramid in Rome, and was commissioned by the Farenheid family. The creepy structure is akin to something you’d find in the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and it was inside it that bodies of the Farenheid family were put to rest. During WWII it was vandalized by Soviet troops, and many of the tombs were smashed open and robbed. Today it is still possible to see the mummified remains of some of the corpses.
If that doesn’t freak you out then head to the Polish/Czech border town of Kudowa-Zdrój ( There you’ll find the Kaplica Czaszek - the Chapel of Skulls. Over 3,000 skulls and bones decorate the chapel, lining the walls and hanging off the ceilings. The project was undertaken in the 18th century by parish priest Václav Tomaek, who saw this spooky spectacle as the only way to remind locals of the horror of the wars and epidemics of the previous century. His own remains are kept in the glass case by the altar. Truly macabre.

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