Bunkier Sztuki

One of the few very modern buildings in the Old Town, Bunkier Sztuki is Kraków's best contemporary art gallery with leading exhibits including the annual World Press Photo. Changing exhibitions are held over two floors, exhibition catalogues are sold in the small mezzanine bookshop and the ground floor features a cafe with one of the city's biggest beer terraces.

Admission 12/6zł, family ticket 20zł.

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Bunkier Sztuki Comments

  • I walked into a spartan exhibition. not so much to see or learn. short and unimpressive (i guess avante garde) films from various parts of the world.
  • Before MOCAK came along this was Kraków's best contemporary art gallery. Still great as ever and whereas MOCAK takes half a day to visit you can easily do Bunkier in an hour without leaving the Old Town and you've still got time to kill in the beer garden on the ground floor. Recommended.


Open 11:00 - 19:00. Closed Mon.


Pl. Szczepański 3a


(+48) 12 422 10 52



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