Kraków Bike Rental

Kraków Bike RentalBike rental, ul. Grodzka 2.

If you're up before happy hour and feel like doing something healthy for your body for a change, you might consider renting a bike. While Kraków isn't exactly a great cycling city, the city has been doing an admirable job of improving the urban landscape with the addition of more and more bike paths. However, the best place to ride a bike remains the Wisła riverbank. A scenic, relatively easy trip for the fit leads from Wawel into the hills of Wolski Forest (Las Wolski). From the castle follow the river southwest until the end of the bicycle path at the Norbertine Monastery; make a left at the main road and turn right up steep ul. Św. Bronisławy (G-3). The lane continues upwards past Salwator Cemetery; turn sharply right at the crossroads at the end to visit the Kościuszko Mound (F-3). From the crossroads, the path continues deeper into Las Wolski where you'll find its three main attractions: the Zoo, Piłsudski Mound, and the Camaldolese Monastery.

Alternatively, cross over Dębnicki Bridge (A-5) and follow the river in the same direction from the other side and you've got a lovely, flat ride of about 10km to popular Tyniec Abbey. The ride takes about an hour each way.

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