Classy staff serve Polish and European classics taken to new heights in the sumptuous surroundings of frescos and 17th century furnishings. In other words, a treat. Try the classic żurek soup - few places do it better - before moving on to more notable nosh like the venison that will have you wondering how such simple flavours can be so rich. The superior quality of this establishment has been grandfathered into Kraków's restaurant scene, and offers the rare chance to eat well right off of Mozart's flatwared face.


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Amadeus Comments

  • Unfortunately our most recent experience at Amadeus does not tie in at all with your description. We were the only diners - the single waiter was not motivated. My soup and fish were bland and tasteless - my husband's herring and duck were OK. Quite different from the cellar restaurant at the Grodek, where we were again the only diners but with friendly cheerful service and tasty food we had a good evening. We shall not be revisiting the Amadeus!!
  • Not impressed by this at all. We left the meal as we felt it had been reheated! This is a while ago and had gone due to rave comments... but would not attempt to go back!


Open 07:00 - 11:00, 14:00 - 22:00.


ul. Mikołajska 20 (Amadeus Hotel)


(+48) 12 423 03 40


Facilities for disabled Non-smoking

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