Resto Illuminati

Resto Illuminati
Though the name comes off as a tad trendy and eager to be elite, Illuminati's connotations of smart, secretive and ancient recipes are an apt portrayal of this attractive restaurant hedging modern Warsaw style into a medieval Kraków setting. Most enjoyable and undervalued is the ability to dine in ancient vaulted brick surroundings without being buried underground in a windowless crypt. Check the wall-length blackboard for daily specials before choosing from their tantalising menu of modern, flavour-melding main courses. Also worth checking out for breakfast and their daily lunch specials served 12:00 - 17:00. Reassuringly there's no need for blood rites to be a regular.


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Open 07:30 - 22:00.


ul. Gołębia 2


(+48) 12 430 73 73


Credit Cards Wi-fi Dogs Allowed Takeaway Live Music Outside seating Child-friendly Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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