Krakowski Kredens

Krakowski Kredens

An old-fashioned dry goods store of expensive, yet exquisite, Galician delicacies - including jams, honeys, liquors, cured meats, candies and pickled things. This is the perfect place to pick up consumable goodies, and, when available, a warm roll with their sliced pork and mustard from the street-side window is actually a gourmet street food bargain at only 5-9zł (depending on weight). Also in Bonarka City CenterGaleria Krakowska, Galeria Bronowice, Park Handlowy Zakopianka and the airport.

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Krakowski Kredens Comments

  • I bought some of the mustard, beet salad and horseradish on my last trip to Krakow. The best! Please ship to America!
  • How can we buy some more of your beautiful dark chocolate covered orange peel. Its so delicious
  • It was the best ham what I've tasted in my life!
  • I live in Bilbao Spain and want to purchase your horseradish sauce and others preserve items. I was in Lodz last month and just love your products. your advise please
  • ceylon tea was fab...can it be purchased on line?
  • The best preserves to be found in Krakow. The cherry preserves is like that from Bonne Maman, only thicker and a better value. Whereas Bonne Maman cost about 16 złoty if you can find it, these cost about 10. The rest of what is sold in Krakow for 4 and under does not compare to these preserves in any way. The labels don't help much if you don't read Polish, and many of the English translations on the shelves are missing. For cherry preserves, look for Konfitura Zwiśni Wysokosłodzona. There are some other cherry concoctions with brandy that I haven't tried. The rasperry (malina) is also exceptional. The apricot (morela) is also pretty good, but not necessarily better than Smucker's. I'm going to try them all eventually.If you are a fan of pickled tomatoes, like me, go to the back of the store, look at the shelves on the right, and you'll see all the pickled products. The pickled tomatoes are labeled Sałatka z Zielonych Pomidorow. Real small below that it says Green Tomatoes Salad, in English. There are some onions and carrots in the mix, and it's on the sweet and tangy side. Yum.So get yourself a decent can of sardines and some crackers, pop open a can of the pickled tomatoes, and have a large spoonful of the cherry preserves. You'll wonder why you don't eat simple, yet delicious like this every day.
  • when i was in Poland a few wks ago we purchased your products in the airport. is there any other way we can purchase your products and ship to the usa


Open 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 11:00 - 19:00, Sun 11:00 - 18:00.


ul. Grodzka 7


(+48) 696 49 00 12


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