Plac Targowy Unitarg

Known locally as 'Hala Targowa,' this is the city's best outdoor market. Open every day with everything from fruit, flowers and produce to pirated DVDs, dodgy underwear and cheap wristwatches, Sunday is undoubtedly the best, but also the most crazy day of the week at Hala Targowa, when it becomes a sprawling full-blown flea market of Old World antiques, Catholic icons, village detritus, vinyl records, war memorabilia, mismatched shoes, stolen bikes and pretty much anything you can dream of at negotiable prices. Different vendors set their own hours, but on weekends most are here shortly after dawn and packing up anytime between 15:00 and sunset. At night on Plac Targowy you'll find two 24-hour alcky shops and the best grilled kielbasa in town (open 20:00 - 03:00, closed Sun), sold from a van.

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Plac Targowy Unitarg Comments

  • My father-in-law travels all the way across town specifically to do his shopping here. In fact, at 70+ years old, it's the only place he goes at all, aside from church. The previous commenter is right: some vendors get offended if you handle their produce or want to select it on your own - always ask first :) Also, haggling is fine at the Sunday flea market, but forget it for normal trade. And you better have some small bills and coins if you want to buy anything :)
  • Good place for fruit and veg, some stall holders operate a strict "Don't touch me 'till I'm your's" policy so you may end up with mushy toms. Good egg stall and places to get cheap enalmel mugs and pots.


ul. Grzegórzecka


(+48) 12 429 61 55

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