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Sofitel Grand Sopot. Historical Hotel

Sofitel Grand Sopot. Historical Hotel
Originally built in 1927 as the Kasino Hotel, this awesome structure was the jewel of Sopot in a time when the city was regarded as the Monaco of the Baltic. The inter-war period marked a golden age for town, and the hotel was where the millionaire playboys of the age would party and bed down for the night following an evening of gambling their fortunes at the roulette and blackjack tables in the casino next door. According to local myth, the side street by the hotel was something of a suicide alley, where those who had lost the coat on their backs would finish their lives with a bang. The hotel has always been synonymous with style, and the guest book reads like a Who’s Who of 20th century figures: Fidel Castro, the Shah of Iran and Charles de Gaulle are a few of the names who went to sleep here. Although listed as a historical site for the past 20 years, recent times saw the hotel fray at the edges, losing its veneer of opulence. That’s changed following a huge refit by the Orbis group, and the Grand has once again assumed the mantle as one of the best hotels in Poland. Individually designed rooms come with acres of space to roam around in, and a breezy elegance that harks to the hotels heyday. Flat screen televisions stand in front of huge beds, and rooms feature classy dark wood finishes, and many come with views of the pier. Ensuite bathrooms tout dressing gowns and cosmetics, and the hotel also boasts state-of-the-art fitness and spa facilities. The plan is to make the Grand a top-class beach resort hotel, a sign that Poland really has become a destination on the leisure traveller’s itinerary.

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