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Sopot may be recognised as the region's party capital but the development of the city in recent years has seen the number and quality of places to eat markedly improve as well. Home to some pretty decent choices at this stage, you can now comfortably eat, drink and be merry all in one place. With the increased choice it’s become impossible to cover them all in print so we’re made a selection of those places you should try to find or in some cases ensure you avoid. 


Karczma Zagroda is probably our favourite place for fortifying plates of meat and veg. Set inside a timber cottage it’s frequently too busy though. Alternatively try Elita (ul.
Pojazd)which is refreshing in its attempts in not trying to attract the monied visitor and serves great Polish food at local prices.
Being by the sea, fish is a local dish and Morska is probably the best choice if you want to enjoy seafood in pleasant surroundings. The most impressive restaurant in the city though is Sopot 737 L'entre Villes which offers different dining and drinking options in a beautifully renovated Sopot villa.


It’s Tesoro Express for the best pizza in Sopot while Greenway’s popularity with the local student community should be all the reference you need there. If it’s a quick meal you’re after and you can stomach Polish beer snacks try out one of the rapidly growing choice of Polish Snacks and Shots bars which offer basic grub for 2 Euros a portion.


Our current favourite is Avocado which mixes European and Asian food very, very well. Then there is InAzia, an ace Sheraton eatery serving the food of the orient, and the nearby ThaiThai in the Bayjonn Hotel with an open kitchen provided expert results.


Cyrano et Roxane is good for low key trysts with an owner who will make you feel very important. Along the seafront is Bulaj which serves excellent fish, among other dishes, in a wooden beach house among the sand dunes. Also worth checking out is their sister restaurant Bocian Morski, which has made a very good early impression.


Art Deco in the Sofitel has supreme sea views and a menu that will knock most wallets bandy. 


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