Zła Kobieta [The Bad Woman]

A great looking pre-club spot found up the stairs in the Crooked House. Over the years the tenants of this building have failed to live up to the promise the design suggests, but the people at ‘The Bad Woman’ have bucked the trend with a fantastic looking two-story space. The cocktails come prepared by pleasant English-speaking staff, the hand dryers are the best in Poland and while they no longer serve food this doesn't seem to have done anything to hurt their popularity. A great place for pre-club drinks can also find you trapped as the crowd kick off on the small dancefloor.

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Zła Kobieta Comments

  • Was there on Saturday evening and this place is the best pre-club bar I have seen in Sopot. Little grumbles aside (the uninviting door police, the lack of draught beer and the 10zl bottled Perroni) this place seems to be getting its act together. They have a heated outside area for smoking, which is revolutionary by Polish standards, and a great look, atmosphere, staff and clientele. I get the impression that they are looking to be a bit more select which is no bad thing looking at some of the monsters out on Monte Cassino and the hand-dryers win awards for the funkiest and most effective dryers you will find in Poland. Let's hope they fix the grumbles and don't fall foul of so many of the new ventures that seem to open out of season in Sopot.


Open 20:00 - 05:00. Closed Sun.


ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53


(+48) 660 51 89 83



Credit Cards Wi-fi Facilities for disabled Smoking place Air-conditioning

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