Lacrimi si Sfinti

Romanian poet, revolutionary and raconteur Mircea Dinescu’s latest culinary adventure is this classy place in the Old Town. As much a showcase for the (very good) wines Dinescu produces on his country estate as anything else, the food is good: a selection of traditional Romanian dishes with a big focus on game. The prices are decent enough and the place is charmingly decorated (look out for the signs for the loos, made from Lego). You will want to stay way after you have finished your meal.


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Lacrimi si Sfinti Comments

  • The food was spectacular the setting charming and a unique escape from the typical international fare of Bucharest. It's wonderful way to sample a wide range of Romanian dishes in a unique setting! As we understand the poet anti-communist dissident owner has a lot of so called 'friends' that are active on posting fake negative comments all over the web.We highly recommend it. Dig into that red wine ice cream. Go early so you have daylight time to stroll around the Old Quarter of Bucharest.
  • I've been twice in Lacrimi si sfinti and both times I have been huge dissapointed about the service and the restaurant in general. First of all the restaurant is well overpriced just because Mr. Dinescu and the other share holder are famous in town....I don't think that I have to pay for that. The food is tasty but the portions have the same size as 20 years ago small terrible small as example I had iahnie with goos but there was no goose!!!!! My partner asked for a traditional tuica and believe my I know what tuica means but this one smelled horrible. Never the less the waiters and amators was very obvious that there was no supervisor or manager on the floor. May be it sounds to hash but personally I will never visit that place again.
  • Dear Mr. SR (from Paris - such a beautiful African muslim city) Why don't you reveal your full name? I am so sorry for not being able to swear at you in French. I hope you learned some English in that muslim city you wrote from if not then grab a dictionnary. The name "Lacrimi si Sfinti" in other words "Tears and Saints" are much higher spiritually speaking than just Garde de Fer or Cioran or the legionnaires. The Romanians poured too many tears and sacrified too many good souls (which are true saints) along their history to keep this little piece of land called Romania while the French savaged and desecrated tens of colonies stole their resources and decimated their populations. And I bet they laughed doing that not cried. Has any French been sanctified for using slaves from those colonies? If yes then French shouldn't be Christiens (actually according to the pictures I have seen from Paris outskirts French are converting to islam quite fast).F**k you mr. sr for dearing to comment on the name of that restaurant. Indeed "quelle tristesse" to see the French not mind their own problems.
  • C'est le restaurant des gardes de Fer? Pourquoi ce nom inspiré du vecu légionnaire de Cioran? Je croyais que c'est le restaurant de Vadim Tudor je ne m'attendais pas du tout que Dinescu qui avait l'air plus éclairé puisse adopter un titre si pathetique et sinistre. Quelle tristesse et quel pays!


Open 12:30 - 02:00, Mon 18:00 - 02:00.


Str. Sepcari 16


(+4) 0372 77 39 99
(+4) 0725 55 82 86


Metro station:

Piata Unirii

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