Daimon Sport Club

Superb tennis and fitness club in Tineretului Park, with two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor). Note that the club house and its terrace double as one of Bucharest's best pizzerias, and is a great place for Sunday lunch.

Adults 40 lei Mon-Fri, 60 lei Sat, Sun. Children (between five and 12) 30 lei Mon-Fri, 40 lei Sat, Sun. Children under five swim for free. Monthly subscriptions from €130.

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Daimon Sport Club Comments

  • Indeed, in Bucharest in many places one will find moron-bouncers or some security monkeys determining who may enter and who may not. Trying to explain to them that your wife is Indian and not a gypsy is pointless because they've been nowhere and seen nothing. Bottom line: they will never understand since they are stupid and illiterate. Today I went swimming and I didn't even check Daimon due to your comment. Similar thing happened to me (although I am very very white, but irrelevant) when I wanted to ask for some water at one of the restos at Herastrau. They didn't let me in because I was in sneakers and tights (I was jogging). Only fools and horses!
  • Racism is still present in Bucharest. My wife is Indian and saw the entrance refused by the monkey on watch. He mistaked her for a gipsy. We are on holiday in Bucharest. The excuse is that you need a membership the typical excuse. Shame on you!!


Open 06:00 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 08:00 - 22:00.


Parcul Tineretului (Opposite Sala Polivalenta)


(+4) 021 330 50 71
(+4) 0723 99 82 66



Metro station:

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