A good Indian-in-Bucharest option where the menu boasts no fewer than 10 lamb dishes: a rare treat in these parts where the raw material is so hard to find. There is much more besides of course, including an extensive range of vegetarian food, and the chefs will happily tone down (or up) all dishes according to your spice tolerance levels. The place itself is nice and the staff know their stuff. 


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Karishma Comments

  • This is by far the nicest indian restaurant in Bucharest the food is absolutely delicious and the service is excellent Karishma remains my favorite restaurant.Cristina
  • Have been here a few times. Well worth a visit. Food is authentic, and there's plenty of dishes to choose from. One of the few places where food that's meant to be spicy actually is. The waiters have always been very helpful.Would definitely recommend it.
  • I gave this place a miss for a while on the basis of the recommendation above written by James, but went at last because have had it recommended too many times. I am glad I did, I think James may have gone the wrong place. Wait staff and cooks all Indian, nice and attentive chaps. If you ask, they are not afraid to make it authentic versus serving a bland Central European version that you can too easily find. The food was excellent and I throughly enjoyed it - lamb vindaloo. If you have a passion for Indian food and find yourself in Bucharest, go. It is in the middle of nowhere (not that there are many central places in Bucharest anyway), but well worth the trip.
  • Whoever wrote this review has either never been to this restaurant or got a decent backhander. New to Bucharest and looking for a good Indian I followed faithfully In your Pocket's write-up. I was disappointed. Arriving early on a Saturday evening I was one of the few customers. The service was especially poor. I had to interrupt the cluster of waiters standing at the bar for some attention after waiting patiently for 15 minutes to get a drink.Having finally got a drink and placing my order I had to wait another 20 minutes for what seemed to be the smallest popadom in the world!The food was a non descript stew of some sort which allegedly was categorised as 'curry'. The atmosphere was dull and prices extremely over priced. An absolutely appalling venue in terms of food, price, food and service.James


Open 13:00 - 24:00.


Str. Iancu Capitanu 36


(+4) 021 252 51 57



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