Piata Obor

Bucharest's biggest and perhaps most famous market. Colourful, huge, and always lively, it is not what it once was: where once you could buy almost anything here, it is now a strictly meat, dairy produce, fruit and vegetable market. A good one though. Watch your wallet.

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Piata Obor Comments

  • "Watch your wallet"is entirely sound advice. The one time I went there, wearing a pair of khaki-style combat shorts, I looked down to find an urchin wrist-deep in one of my thigh pockets. This can happen in any big market, of course, but it just so happens that in Obor was the only time it did to me.
  • I think 'watch your wallet' is absolutely fair comment. This is my first time in Bucharest and the first time in Eastern Europe (been to all the capitals) that I have felt the need to check my belongings every minute.
  • "Watch your wallet"? Seriously? This is really offensive and stupid. Do you think we're talking about a jungle?
  • The program hours are not correct.Monday till Saturday the market is open from 07.00 till 19.00 and on Sunday just from 07.00 till 14.00


Open 06:00-20:00.


Piata Obor

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