AFI Palace Cotroceni

One of Bucharest's biggest malls, with loads of top brand names and the added attraction of an IMAX cinema, a large ice skating rink (open year round) and even an indoor roller coaster and children's funfair.

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AFI Palace Cotroceni Comments

  • I have just returned from Bucharest for a first-time visit to Romania. It is nice surprise that there is a modern shopping mall...just for that touch of familiarity. The mall architecture is imposing, facilities for children are fantastic, food outlets are good (esp Tapioka), but more variety to the other outlets would complete the picture. All-in-all, a nice place to hang out in.
  • I like the mall because it has so many things to offer. I just moved here from the States and I was impressed with the size of the mall and the ice skating is cool. Ice Skating, Paitball, Go-Karts just to name a few. I will agree with the previous comment. The shopping is getting boring. The same stores with the same old (80's Style) fashion.
  • Mega mall yes, its impressive , many shops but the disappointing thing is that the same old shops keep popping up around all the malls e.g fashion , Bucharest really needs a bigger variety of Label brands and mainstream labels , but check it out its nice


Open 10:00 - 22:00, Fri, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 23:30.


B-dul Vasile Milea/B-dul Timisoara


(+4) 031 425 75 10
fax:(+4) 031 425 75 13


Metro station:



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