Casa Presei Libere [Casa Scânteii]

Casa Presei Libere
An impressive edifice standing somewhat menacingly at the entrance to the capital, Casa Scanteii (as it is still universally known) was designed by architect Horia Maicu and completed in 1956, one year after the strikingly similar (though much taller) Palace of Science and Culture in Warsaw, Poland. Originally housing the editorial offices of almost all of the capital's newspapers, it today carries out pretty much the same function. Jurnalul Naţional, one of the country's most popular dailies, is just one newspaper still produced here. The impressive archive of Rompres, the state press and photo agency, is also housed here. The facade - once rather fetching - has in recent years been defaced by the addition of advertising hoardings.

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  • I do not know how the building looks now but I remember the impressive entrance hall with marble columns and crystal chandeliers in the 1980s.My dad used to work there and I visited the place pretty often.It is worth stopping if you are in the area.


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