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You’ve memorised the misleadingly simple code break-down, and are ready to take the plunge (let’s hope you decided not to drop that tricky calculus course). Local Calls: Here’s the trick: dial the subscriber’s six- or seven-digit number, and place the receiver to your ear. National Calls: Dial the Croatian city code ((0)21 if you’re calling Split for instance) followed by the subscriber’s number. Calling Abroad: Dial 00 (the international access code), the appropriate country code, a city or area code if applicable and the subscriber’s number. Calling Croatia from Abroad: Dial your international access code, 385 (Croatia’s country code), the city code (dropping the initial 0) and the subscriber’s number. Calling a Mobile: Mobile numbers are 10-digits and begin with either 091,098,099, 092 and 095. Dial the subscriber’s number and wait for a human voice. For an international call to a Croatian mobile, dial your international acess code, 385 (country code), drop the 0, and then dial the remaining digits.


Night shifts are covered by either Beldekin, Varoš or Central Pharmacy.


If all you need to do is send a postcard or a letter, you can buy stamps on pretty much any kiosk, just make sure they're right value for what you are sending and where. Once you put it on, drop your mail in any post box.These are the small yellow boxes attached to buildings around town.
Postal rates
Letters up to 50 gr   Croatia            3.10 kn 
                                 Abroad            7.60 kn 
Postcrads                Croatia            2.80 kn
                                 Abroad            4.60 kn

Veterinary clinics

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