Friend's Book House

Forget about reading at this bookshop café; there's nothing in English. But literary insomniacs can be found here day and night, sipping coffee and planning their next novel. If you must read or study, there's a quiet reading room in the basement. Near the main police station, just north of the river.

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Friend's Book House Comments

  • I had too many bad experiences in the last weeks here, the annoying waiter always saying that I could only stay there if I order something every hour (I had already ordered something) or asking me to move because I was at a table for 3 while I was the only client etc. It's a good place to go once but you'll soon figure out that you cannot become their client.
  • I was dissappointed, it's not cheap and the service is still very poor. I was there a few days ago and I gently asked to lower the music volume a little and thay said that it was a cafe so it needs to be loud.
  • Friend's Book House is my favourite place to buy books, service is great, and coffee is the best. There are writen rules for clients who use the library, for all services, and price. I wish I had more time to spend there! I usually go at weekends with my friends and have a glass of wine and snacks.
  • Well, I was very disappointed there because they see you like numbers. I went there and had the most expensive coffee they have while meeting a friend and as soon as he left I was checking my emails since there was wireless connection. The room on the first floor was almost empty, the waiter came to me telling me that I had to order something else or leave the place. For sure I'll never go back there.
  • Just visited after seeing the entry in In Your Pocket. A deligthful basement with bookcases and photos galore. Even if you can't understand Albanian, bring along a book or your laptop for the wifi connection. Just be careful not to spend the whole day there otherwise you'll miss out on the Tirana summer heat.


Open, Sun 07:00-00:30.
Open 24hrs.


Rr. Sami Frashëri, pallatet e Lanës


+355 4 226 67 77
+355 4 226 66 64


Wi-fi Outside seating Smoking place Air-conditioning

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