The ladies love Tirana. You may be surprised, but the city is actually a great shopping destination. The city centre is small and you can easily walk everywhere, and without exception the staff is friendly and reasonably competent. Especially shoe shopping is good; they're cheap (around 30% less than in other European cities), most are of Italian quality, and there's great variety. For clothes the story is slightly different, as not all international brands are represented yet. Shopping is still best in the established areas such as in the bllok district and along Rruga Myslym Shyri where you'll find many boutiques; you're more likely to find bargains and groovy stuff there than in the malls.

Art Galleries


Tirana has a number of shops selling English literature, but the selection isn't great so bring fodder from abroad if you want to read something specific while you're here. Foreign magazines and newspapers can be found at the Adrion shop or at their stands in the Xheko Imperial and Sheraton hotel (at the Albanian Experience travel agency office).
The Rogner hotel lobby bar has foreign newspapers available for reading.






Shopping centres in Tirana

Much to the delight of locals and foreigners alike, Tirana has been enriched with several malls or smaller shopping galleries over the past years. The QTU centre along the Durres highway was the first in 2005, and several city-centre and peripheral malls have followed.

Souvenirs & Gifts

The best souvenir shopping is north of Tirana in Kruja, where shop windows are full of jewelry, antiques and knickknacks. If you don't have time to make the trek there, check these shops in Tirana. There are also some kiosks selling Albania mugs, plastic guns, dolls and bunker ashtrays at the southern end of Rr. Barrikadave.

Speciality shops


See Shopping malls for larger supermarkets out of the centre.

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