Meaning 'wind', this popular and foreigner-friendly spot makes for a good casual lunch or dinner. The Albanian food is excellent; try the stuffed eggplant and peppers, and fërgesë (fried minced lamb, feta cheese and garlic). There are two locations, the original small outlet near the corner of Rr. Sami Frashëri, and the large new villa at Rr. Papa Gjon Pali II, N°11 (at the southern end).


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Era Comments

  • Era is a pleasant experience when you just want to detach from Albania and get some decent food at a decent price. Dishes tend to fall between 300 lek to 900lek.The food itself is consistently good, though nothing you would write home about. Their English menu translation leads to some chuckles for native speakers and all the wait staff speak at least *some* English.I've eaten here a half dozen times for both lunch and dinner and would recommend it, especially if you are in the Block area.
  • Lovely place, good service and delicious food.Complete satisfaction.These people know how to make pizza:)
  • Yess, Era is a very nice restaurant. I recommend Elbasan Tava and Tirana Beer. Strongly recommended.
  • Garzi the camp waiter provides excellent and friendly service, food is good and inexpensive.
  • A graat and very busy restaurant in a very hip neighborhood. Great food and friendly staff. Strongly recommend.
  • I had lunch here several times with my Albanian partner and his brother, The food and service was excellent. Also a menu was provided in English! A big help. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Tirana. My friend is going this weekend. Can't wait to hear her views.


Open 11:00-24:00.


Rr. Ismail Qemali 33


+355 4 226 44 75
+355 4 225 50 00 (P.G.Pali)


Wi-fi City centre location Home Delivery Takeaway Outside seating Air-conditioning

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