Eat Ottoman-style in a true traditional restaurant, sitting on ottoman stools at low tables in a reconstructed oda (guest room) in an old house. Surrounded by shelves with dishes, strings of garlic and peppers and old photos, it's best to allow the waiters to suggest a succession of appetisers and mains. The food is fresh and delicious (try the lakror në saç oven-baked pie), unforgettable even after washing it all down with their home-made raki. Find Oda down the first alley west of the market.


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Oda Comments

  • Excellent and authentic restaurant in the heart of beautiful city of Tirana. A must for every visitor. Great food and the most friendly service. Hope to visit again one day.
  • Oda Restaurant is very intresting place its unical the food is exellent. An advice there is another restaurant near Oda...do not confuse with Oda..
  • A group of four of us had a wonderful feast - two of us were vegetarian and we were all pleased. Everything seemed made to order and the depth of flavors made it clear that the recipes were very thoughtful. Service was great - glad to explain the unfamiliar menu. Agree with others above that the mulberry raki is fabulous!
  • Very delicious food, in a very authentic environment, accompanied by traditional Albanian music, and of course raki of many (Mulberry). One of the must-go places when you visit Tirana!
  • Shume mir - delicious! We left the entire dinner selection up to our waiter and he did not disappoint us. A great cultural experience.


Open 11:00-23:00, Sun 13:00-23:00.


Rr. Luigj Gurakuqi


+355 4 224 95 41

Smoking place Air-conditioning

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