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Despite the importance of bus travel in Albania, Tirana has no bus station and few scheduled departures, so it's all a bit of a Balkan mess. Bus transport is either in normal buses, increasingly comfortable and with air-conditioning, or in minivans called furgons which may be a bit cheaper and faster, but take risks in blind corners.
Most bus departures are between early morning and early afternoon. Only the most popular cities also have connections in the late afternoon too, so it's best to set off early.
International buses often depart from behind the National History Museum, where you'll also find most of the ticketing agencies. Buses to Durrës depart very regularly from beside the train station. Buses to Shkodra depart nearby, from Rruga Karl Gega.
Minibuses (furgons) depart
as soon as they're full, starting from various places in town, sometimes trawling through the streets to find more passengers to cram in. See the timetable for approximate operating hours, prices and departure points. It's a good idea to ask around for the exact departure locations before travel.
Furgons heading southeast for Elbasan, Pogradec and Korça will most likely depart from 
beside the Qemal Stafa stadium and trawl around on Rruga Elbasan. Those south to Berat, Vlora, Gjirokastra and Saranda depart from Nëshërak and Sheshi 21 Djetori, west of the centre. Those heading to the north (Shkodra, Kukës, etc) leave from Sheshi Zogu i Zi or from Laprak, one traffic light further along the Durrës highway.

To see the flight, bus and train schedules, download the free PDF version of our Tirana guide.

A very useful online furgon and bus schedule with departures from Tirana can be found at http://www.matinic.us/albania/furgon.php.

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