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Meat & Fish
beef - biftek
chicken - pulë
lamb - mish qengji
pork - derr
sausage - sallam
veal - mish viçi
bass - levrek
codfish - merluc
fish - peshk
prawns - karkaleca deti
salmon - salmon
sea food - fruta deti
sole - gjuhës
trout - troftë

Fruits & Vegetables
apple - mollë
banana - banane
cabbage - lakër
carrot - karrota
eggplant - patëllxhane
mushrooms - kërpudha
orange - portokalle
peppers - speca
tomatoes - domate

beer - birrë
juice - leng
wine - verë
water - ujë

Common dishes
Byrek - pie with cheese, meat or herbs Patate të skuqura  - french fries
Tavë kosi - baked lamb, yogurt and eggs
Fërgesë - fried minced lamb or liver, feta cheese and garlic
Speca të mbushur - stuffed peppers, feta cheese, herbs

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