St. Paul's Cathedral [Katedralja e Shen Palit]

St. Paul's Cathedral
This refreshingly simple if somewhat gargantuan house of worship was consecrated in 2002. The cathedral is built using a combined triangle and circle shape, representing the Trinity and God’s Eternity respectively, and features a relatively plain interior. The stained glass windows at the front feature both Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II. A range of classical concerts are held inside the building throughout the year.

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St. Paul's Cathedral Comments

  • Please, is there any e-mail contact for this church? >> EDITOR - Not as far as we are aware. Best try to call.
  • I attended Mass there on 11 September 2013 at 18.00. A notice said there was daily evening Mass and three Mass celebrations on Sunday including an English Mass at 9.00. The Cathedral appeared to open for visitors every day until 19.00.
  • I visited St. Paul"s Cathedral around 3pm, but the gate was closed. Do they have the daily mass or on Sunday? >>Tirana IYP writes: It"s Albania, and unfortunately opening times are always uncertain. There"s mass on Sundays.
  • The figure with Mother Teresa is certainly not Pope John Paul II. He (as all popes) used to wear a white hat and dress. He is the Catholic Archbishop of Tirana-Durres Mgr. Rrok Kola Mirdita, on whose initiative St.Paul's Cathedral was built.

    TIYP says: Pope John Paul II is not the person depicted next to her, but on another window in the church.


Open 08:30-12:30, 17:00-19:00; winter: 16:00-19:00.


Blv. Zhan D’Ark


+355 4 223 46 55
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